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New Circular Saw Blades for Multiripping

New LM Multiripping Saw Blades with Black I.C.E. Coating

The NEW LM circular saw blades featuring the ultimate Black I.C.E. Coating are the latest addition to freud premium multiripping range. Specifically designed for heavy-use, high volume production and intensive multiripping applications, this blade selection is particularly suitable to cut wet solidwood. Leveraging freud ultra-strong surface treatment, the new LM Black I.C.E. delivers unbeatable value, grants substantial cost and time savings.

Freud LM Multiripping Saw Blades with Black I.C.E. Coating

Ultimate coating solution for ultra tough protection

The range features the NEW Black I.C.E. Coating, freud extra protective surface treatment that grants strong impact and heat resistance for maximum performance and extended blade durability. As a powerful shield, the Black I.C.E. increases the hardness of the blade body, keeping the body temperature low and returning more cuts, for considerably longer work cycles.

Freud LM Multiripping Saw Blades Application

Optimised for high volume production

Developed for softwood and hardwood, the LM Black I.C.E. blades are particularly suitable for wet solidwood and are the recommended solution for high volume production needs, qualifying as the best choice for high productivity sawmills, forestry, pallet /packaging producers and flooring producers.

Freud LM Multiripping Saw Blades in battery

Wide diameter availability and customisation

The diameter availability ranges from 180 mm to 600 mm. For more specific needs, freud can support developing customised solutions for you, leveraging over 60-year expertise and ownership of the entire manufacturing process, from product concept design to product manufacturing.

Freud LM Multiripping saw blades rakers

Dedicated rakers for excellent chip removal

The LM range features special Carbide inserts, exclusively brazed on the bodies of saw blades for wood. They help maintain the distance between the blade body and the workpiece, to avoid friction and overheating that could cause the blade to deform.

Freud TiCo Carbide

TiCo Carbide teeth for extended lifetime

The teeth of the LM Multiripping blades are made of customised, extra durable Carbide grains, from in-house development and production, for a long-lasting performance also on the toughest applications.