Window & Door Tooling Systems

At Freud, we offer a comprehensive range of standard and custom window systems, engineered and designed to increase the energy efficiency of windows and doors, being compliant with the latest energy regulations for buildings. Our customers can benefit from a number of innovative projects and design solutions to produce windows & doors CE certified, through our Cascading service. Our technical and engineering know-how is the result of over 55 years expertise in the window tooling industry. Leveraging our competence and expertise in window tooling, we provide window designs and systems perfectly integrated in efficient construction projects.

Freud Window & Door Tooling Systems

To increase customers' productivity, Freud standard tools and systems for windows and doors feature:

  • Number of teeth: 2/4
  • Body in high strength steel
  • Balancing levels adapted to the most innovative machines
  • Fit any reducer
  • Regulation System NSR to regulate the insertís height with increments of 1 mm and precision of up to 1/100 of a mm
  • Multiprofile tools for a wide selection of windows applications