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Quickly and Effectively Trim Edge Banding Flush with a Rip-Fence Saddle

By: Marlen Kemmet No material tops plywood for making strong, attractive, and stable shelves, cabinet doors, and... {Full Article}

Pro Tips for Perfect Drawers

By: Mark Lindsay Building a chest of drawers is pretty straightforward. You simply construct a case by joining two sid... {Full Article}

Picture Frames Made Easy

By: Mark Lindsay There’s nothing complicated about a picture frame. So why do many people struggle to make the... {Full Article}

How to Make an Easy Bookcase with Spot-on Dado Joints

By: Mark LindsayIn this article, I show you how to make a bookcase with spot on dado joints. Made from thin layers of w... {Full Article}

How to Transform a Ho-hum Desk or Table with a New Routed-edge Wood Top

By: Mark Lindsay Do you have a desk or table with a plane-Jane top? Does it have a worn plastic-laminate or dated-looki... {Full Article}

How to Make Cabinet Doors a Snap with Tongue-and-Groove Joints

By: Mark Lindsay  Long the standard for joining the rails and stiles of a frame-and-panel cabinet door, tongue-and-... {Full Article}

How to Build a Zero-Clearance Top for Your Tabelsaw

By: Marlen Kemmet When ripping thin strips of wood, especially short ones, the strips can fall into the space b... {Full Article}

How to Make Your Own Tablesaw Pushblocks

By: Marlen Kemmet We prefer to make pushblocks from inexpensive (or free), widely available, scrap 2x4 material. Con... {Full Article}

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