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What's the difference between a combination and a general purpose blade?

Combination blades are designed to crosscut and rip. General Purpose blades can be used for most wood cutting applications including plywood, laminated wood and melamine.

Will the Dial-A-Width Dado fit on my saw?

Unfortunately there are too many saws for us to keep a list of what these specifications are for every machine and be able to keep it up to date with changes made by the manufacturers, but with some quick measurements you can determine if your saw is capable of running the Dial-A-Width. Click here for instructions.

Do you have any instructional material on how to use your router bits?

Freud includes an instructional poster and DVD in some of the router bit sets. These sets include: Wide Crown Molding, French Doors, Entry & Interior Door, and Raised Panel Doors, etc..

What speed setting should I use with my Freud router bit?
Router Bit Speed Setting Chart
Bit Diameter1″1-1/4″2-1/4″3-1/2″
Max RPM24,00018,00016,00012,000

Do you have owners manual and guides on your site?

You may find all of our product manuals on our website in the technical support section under the customer support menu.

Does Freud offer sharpening services for their blades, bits and cutters?

No. However, we recommend that you check out our Certified Sharpening Centers list for our certified sharpeners.

I live in Australia. Who can I contact to find a dealer?

You will need to contact our office in Australia, Major Woodworking. They are located in Padstow and can be contacted by calling 02-9708-3154.

I live in Europe. Who can I contact to find a dealer?

You will need to contact our office in Italy. They are located in Udine and an be contacted through their web site at or by calling +390432551411.

I live in the UK. Who can I contact to find a dealer?

You can contact our office in the UK. They are located in Leeds and can be contacted through their web site at or by calling +44 0113-245-3737.

Can I buy tools direct from Freud?

We do not sell direct. Freud sells only through authorized dealers. You may find your closest dealer on our web site or by calling our customer service department at 800-334-4107 Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

How do I register my tool?

Email your name, address, phone number, date of purchase, place of purchase, item purchased, and the serial number if it is a power tool, to and we will register it for you.

How do you pronounce the name Freud?

Freud is pronounced "froid" the same as famous Psychologist Sigmond Freud. The company name is actually from an Italian abbreviation of two words Fre short for Fresa (Cutter) and the abbreviation Ud for the city where we were founded Udine, to make "Freud" or "Cutters from Udine."

Where are Freud tools manufactured?

Cutting Tools are made Italy and Switzerland.

How do I find out who sells Freud products near me?
You can enter in your zip code in our dealer locator. Also, Freud products are available for purchase through our online partners.

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